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Help ! Change username for my Project ?

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Hey guys, I need to change my username in GSA but i don't know where i have to change it from ? I am changing my email address gradually but where can i change my username.. Please tell me kindly !


  • SvenSven

    Change your username? You mean the name for the license? Thats impossible.

    Also keep in mind GSA IS THE COMPANY not the program.

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    Sven @...

    I made a campaign ( Project) on one of my url link. I set target urls 5K for my campaign . After creating it, I got 450 submission and 350 verified links. Now I want to again target only submitted and verified links for same campaign, but the problem that i will need to change my email, password and username . i have changed email and password but where can i change my username for the same campaign..Otherwise it is not taking the same username into same verified or submitted links.

    Your answer will be valuable for my problem. 
    Thank you
  • SvenSven
    Account data is saved in *.static file. What you can do is delete that file and the program tries to create a new login for all sites it finds as it doesn't know of any login.
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