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Gsa seo indexer is not working today?

Can Any body tell me how gsa seo indexer works today because i use it but my backlinks can't index....
There is no new update for indexer.
Is this product is dead or not?


  • SvenSven
    it is still working...not as good as it used to be but it does its job best as it can.
    today a lot of the success remains on the quality of links though.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I use this GSA tool as well. :)

    I had stopped for a while, but I figure it can't hurt, so I started it up once again.  Unfortunately, I have no data to contribute here; I do zero tracking with indexing of my links at this point.

    @Sven, as I understand it, the whole focus on quality of links is all part of the shift among SEs to better index content and sort out auto-gen, crap, and less unique content, no?
  • SvenSven
    thats what i figured yes
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  • As almost always you have to do your own little testing on this as you may work on a market where it works wonderfully.
    When I stopped a couple of months ago it gave me roughly 10% index rate on spin content so it wasn't that bad considering it's a one time fee software.

    @Deeeeeeee It's a pity you are not tracking the index rate I would be rather curious about them. I guess I have to do my own testing then :)

    Hey @Sven speaking of quality of links. Aren't you thinking about making a PBN managing tool lately?
  • SvenSven
    @TheGypsy another tool? Well Im open for some samples/sketches?
  • Any hard numbers? 30% of indexation? TheGypsy gave 10%. I think it is not so good. 
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