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Best way to Drip-Feed?

edited February 2013 in Need Help
I added a new url to build links to... and I set it to pause for 1440 minutes after 3 verifications, but since the program submitted to hundreds of sites so quickly, even though it paused after the first 3 verifications there ended up being much more verified links after the next verification check because so many were submitted.  This project is only a few days old now and has around 200 verified links even though it's set to pause for a day every 3 verifications.

So obviously this has defeated the purpose of trying to slowly drip-feed links to the site... what is a more efficient way of doing this?


  • scpscp
    edited February 2013
    Use "Pause after submitted" and not "pause after verified"

    Just click the "Verification for" hyperlink to get to "Submissions for". Its common to do "Submissions for day" to help slowly drip links to site.
  • Hmm, but just because a link was submitted doesn't mean that it actually went live, right?  So if I set it to pause for a day after 3 submissions there's a good chance I got no links out of that?
  • Correct, but it's also natural. Some day you got no links, some day you got 3, etc.

    If you use verified, you never know. You may have to submit 20 to get 3 verified "that day" but 5 days later, 7 more are verified. Add that up, on the 5th day, you may get 25 new links.

    For me, number of submissions is the way to go.
  • @sickaluph - Nobody sets pause after 3 submissions. The most typical setting is Pause after 20 submissions for a minimum for a Tier 1 link project that points directly at your money site. Anything 100+ is common for Tier 2 links. 
  • Ok, I am still confused about the best way to drip feed though, anyone else have some input?
  • ronron

    Set it to pause after x submissions per day. It might run a little over, but remember that only a percentage will actually end up getting verified as real links. We all do it that way. The number you set is up to you.

  • Not sure how my original response didn't answer the question...
  • scp, I build my tier 1 manually on free hosted blogs like tumblr, livejournal, etc... then I build links to those free hosted blogs in GSA.

    So the links I'm building to those free hosted blogs are my tier 2 correct?  And I should pause after 100 submissions per day at first for those?
  • IMHO you can shoot more links to these web2.0 properties.. maybe try 'pause after 200 verifieds per day' and let this run for 2 weeks
  • scpscp
    edited February 2013
    I hit my Tier 2 harder than Tier 1. You can start out with 100 submissions "Per URL".

    Start there and see how it goes. If you're not getting the SERP movement you want, increase submissions.
  • Ok so what squirrelhunter is saying is that I can pause after 200 verifieds per day to my freehosted blogs with are my tier 1.... and then those links that are built are my tier 2 and I can hit those super hard?
  • Yeah, that should work as a good first multi-tier campaign
  • I thought I saw ron say in another thread that free hosted blogs are his tier 1 and at first he usually only builds about 5 links a day to them?  Maybe I misunderstood and he meant he builds around 5 of those tier 1 blogs per day.
  • ronron

    I use SER standard articles and SER standard social network engines in my tier 1.

    For brand new sites I might drip only a few links a day to get started, Then each week I ramp that number up. I then add a tier 2 about a week or two into the process, then a tier3 a week or two after that.

    In other words, I don't open an oil well and start a gusher right out of the gate. I build into it gradually. I am not in a rush. My rankings take longer this way, but they stick for the long term this way.

    How many links you build is your own decision. I am not going to coach everybody on this. You must experiment like I do every day with different websites. The same linkbuilding on one site that does a great job - may penalize another site in google as being too aggressive. You have to make these decisions yourself. 

  • So when you "for brand new sites" you mean the money sites, right?  You drip a few article/socialnetwork links to those per day, then in a week or two start backlinking those article/socialnetwork links, then a week later start backlinking those links...etc?
  • ronron
  • Thanks for being patient with me guys, just trying to make sure I understand all of this.
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