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Add Sites in GSA Search Engine Ranker

How to add websites in GSA Ser. Just wondering if GSA Ser able to add high-quality sites :


  • There is two way to do that

    1. The easy way:
    Sign up for SEREngines

    2. Do it yourself (and sweat blood):

    If you choose the second option you may find some pretty guides on the forum written by Ozz.
  • KaineKaine
    edited March 2018
    For the second option it is faster to post by hand  :)
  • jonesphilip49jonesphilip49 New York
    edited March 2018
    TheGypsy : :( Thanks. But it's hard for me to develop. I'm not a coder
    Kaine :  It's has been successfully submitted by RankerX. I just don't want to use 2 software at a time
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited April 2018
    "1. The easy way: Sign up for SEREngines"

    Really, you can't beat the price. Overpriced tools always leave me wondering if I really need to keep going with them, even when they work. And, I always feel scammed, or like the developers only care about profit, not their products or customers.

    Maybe sometimes I've even cancelled a service before even finding out if it's worth it, just b/c it seemed unreasonable. So, there's that...

    And, SEREngines is great add-on that makes GSA-SER instantly post to a wider range of sites, as you get great new places to post to without having to code anything.

    And, even if you could, why re-invent the wheel? I've done this; it's foolish. A great way to learn, but a waste of time! If you're going to make new engines, create some that NO ONE has seen yet!!~ :o   So far, I've never done a new engine.

    That's MY moving up to the next level. I need to integrate scrapebox more. I need to really get focused on quality engines and start finding my own targets that I'd like to post to. I think I'm going to do one of the CMSes I use first, to auto post.

    I want to mess with GSA CAPTCHA Breaker to recognize the CAPTCHA I modified. I took one of the freeware ones and messed with it a bunch, beyond the standard out-of-box options. It's mostly unreadable (haha); I think it's kind of on the ridiculous side, even for a live person to solve, but it will be where I start. :)

    But if you want something like the list above, go with what already works. :)

    I know as you scale up, costs accumulate, and hopefully you're making more than you're spending! I think it's like how a plant must be put in gradually larger pots, with more soil, more water, and more fertilizer. You have to balance it out.

    This is the skill I am developing. There's a lot of balancing and care needed in stepping up to the next level, it seems. There's no way to instantly get from zero to 10000, you have to slowly work to get there.

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