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bug in imported .csv header macro usage

So I imported a .csv and used 2 of the headers from the .csv in a message body. The 2 headers were url and businessname. In my message body I put " Hi this message is regarding %url% and is for %businessname%"

When I clicked "preview", the output for message shows that instead of using url and businessname as it should, it just repeated url. (so the preview out put was "Hi this message is regarding url and is for url") [using the data from the url column].

I thought I could use multiple headers. If so, there is a bug. Thanks!


  • SvenSven
    %url% is already an internal macro. you should use something else if its from your csv. Also make sure all the data in the project has this csv values. can you maybe send the project itself?
  • I dont know what you mean by "make sure all the data in the project has this csv values". I will change the one header "url" to something else and try again and if same issue will upload project
  • cant attach the project, I am using the trial. Can you advise purchase link?

  • SvenSven
    then please just send your csv that you used to test things with.
  • edited March 2018
    attached is test .csv file. followed EXACT example from .... program accurately detected my website from the .csv file, when I hit start it stated that it checked and then sent message. But 1) no message came thru and 2) my previews did not show data from imported CSV as they do in your example. My CSV is attached, as you see I use the same format and data.
    EDIT: I am not allowed to attach a CSV!!!!!!! -- here is a link to the csv
  • I just received a test that you (I think) did, and now there is an update of the application?
  • SvenSven
    that file is wrong formatted. It has double quotes in header. edit it by notepad please. Then when imported you should see the correct csv data as hint to each imported url, else you made something wrong.
  • ok thank you yes I now see correct preview when I fix formatting of csv. However, I still cant post to my test contact page (that is in the csv). What is odd is that I get a "sent" message not a failure in the log. It THINKS the message was successfully posted but it was not. And I can manually submit so I know the form is working. The math question is successfully solved also by the GSA CB component.
  • SvenSven
    math is solved by the software itself and not by CB, however as said in pm, your site adds some more javascript as data to the post header. I don't know if that is really meant to be like that. I try to work on it though.
  • thank you. My concern is just if this is a common issue. Is there a way to deal with this if it happens on sites (extra header JS/code)? Because manually the submissions go thru fine. And this is doubly a problem because the log thinks they were submitted successfully.
  • SvenSven
    this should not happen on many sites + latest version has a fix on it and might work on your site as well (re-download as it was a silent update).
  • yes works thanks
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