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A few questions

1st is there a global blacklist available of big websites like facebook, instagram, youtube, etc. that many people potentially use as "website" on their social profiles but have no contact form on them?

2nd when importing urls is there a feature to supply additional information to the text message via variables?
Lots of external scrapers are able to grab additional info along with the url.
For example I mean it like this.

The importing file is a csv in this case with the additional fields "first_name, sales and address".
The additional fields should be user definable in the csv and not hardcoded.

url(mandatory),first_name,sales_amount,address,John Doe,200,Fakestreet 23 Burmingham,Andrew Homes,432,Fakestreet 32 London

Then it should be possible to write the text message like
Hello %first_name%, it came to my attention that your branch in %address% had %sales_amount% sales this week. Let me show you how to improve this number tenfold...

Those messages would be far less spammy than generalized ones.

3rd when I plan to import 10 million websites, does that work well with the program or should I split it up into several smaller projects?


  • SvenSven
    1. there is an option for a global blacklist but you need to fill it yourself.
    2. right now there is no such thing but I see a usage on this so I will add it
    3. personally i would split it up, though 10mio should work...just try the demo version
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  • SvenSven
    @Netogami I have added support for the csv-import and reference in messages using macros from it.

    Simply import a csv file and use the header value as macro. Sample:

    csv content:

    Dear %fname%,
    I can across your website %website% and want to get your attention to GSA Products.
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  • where/how would we import the .csv?

    in "submission content-->add-->import" and select "all files" for file type and upload/import the .csv that way?
  • SvenSven
    right click on project->import urls->...choose csv
  • Hi @Netogami

    "Lots of external scrapers are able to grab additional info along with the url."

    Mind sharing what are some of the better external scrapers that do this?

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