how to stop verification

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from this thread ( but i think it's worth starting its own thread for because it's been happening for more than one day

i set verification to custom time 1440 shown here:

however, i keep seeing the log verify the links... wonder if i have it set wrong?

example here:
16:45:43: [ ] Checking E-Mails for links...
16:45:45: [ ] E-Mail Verification finished.
16:45:45: [ ] Verifying finished (11 checks done)

it's weird... for the project that has verification set to check every 1440 minutes, it's checks almost every hour???

is it because i have it set on custom time v.s. automatic?  I tried both and it seems to still verify...


  • SvenSven
    Depends on other settings as well. E.g. if the project goes into pause, it means it can do other things like the verification if there is enough time left. In that cas eit is ignoring your settings to nost waste resources.
  • thanks for the answer @Sven

    looking at them, i don't think these projects should go to pause

    as the setting "pause the project after xyz +/- xyz submissions for 1440 minutes" is [unchecked]

    should the project just be scraping and submitting if:
    1) verification to custom time 1440
    2) pause the project after xyz +/- xyz submissions for 1440 minutes is [unchecked]
  • wondering if anyone knows about this?

    i am now thinking it's because i'm not pushing gsa to it's max and there is enough resource for it to go check links even though the settings are set to not verify
  • SvenSven
    @skyf can you provide some logs and maybe a screenshot from the settings? If the program really verifies and you set it to not do so for xyz minutes, than there is something wrong indeed.
  • sure

    you want me to log it to a file and send it over?
  • SvenSven
  • any update?
  • sven solved it

    "ok found the "problem".
    the verifications are done for the URLs that
    have been added to the list as "instant approve". So they get verified
    almost after the submission.
    I have changed that now for the next version. "

    to which i asked -> "what are "instant approve"s?"
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    That are submissions where after doing it, the link is already seen in html syntax. Someone might ask "why not adding them directly?", well it's because of cookies. The program has to parse this URL without any cookies to make sure it is visible not only by the submitter which is done on verification.

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