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How to get forum article link instead of profile links?

I see a lot of profile link from forums. I would like to post article to these forums.

How to get forum article link instead of profile links?


  • GSA SER can post thread in only few engine, to post on these you can to check forum post in project option. 
    However, its not possible to post on 95% forum.
  • - I see a list of forum engines in project option. How to check if they allow posting?

    - So do forum profile link still have any link juice? Seems all profile page all isolated pages which cannot be easily found by search engine.
  • shaunshaun
    Try this.

    Only about 10 Forum engines will do it though.
  • @shaun, I have reviewed your post which is helpful, however I can't find any information about the 10 Forum engines that supports to create contextual backlinks...
    I know JForum is one of them, could you please advise what's the rest 9? thanks in advance.
  • shaunshaun
    I didn't put that info in the post as I was keeping it to myself as I was still using SER then. This is the engines from my notes...

    Just remember the "Post" engines will allow other users to post on that thread meaning they could end up with porn links and such. The profile links are profiles so others cant post on them.

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  • Thanks a lot for the info, I will look into it, one more question, I don't expect to post an article on the forum since it will be removed sooner or later, I am interested in post article in the profile page on the forum, do those engines listed in the "profile" list support to post article in the bio section just like the Jforum?
  • shaunshaun
    Yea that's exactly what they do. I haven't checked them since August last year though so the CMS' might have been updated or something so check them on a burner project before putting them in your live one.
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