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Yandex not work with GSA SER

restarted after a week some campaigns and i got problems with GSA SER
I use PR emulator Yandex to get out the PR0 sites
but to my surprise my linking speed is gone LpM = 4 / threaths is 100

Got several time message to register my PR emulator, so I did but get questions again
then i delete and installed again, and yes it is there

But strange enough, I only see for a moment the list of url's the red are skipped and the higher ranked
then it is gone, stuks with 4 or 5 url's

Then test PR emulator with Platform Identifier - there PR emulator works fine

Then i test my proxies
15 min ago all shared 100 were ok
now at PR emulator all are still fine
But GSA SER gives 20 bad ! after a 15 minutes run which resulted, as said, in LpM = 4 / threaths is 100

what i think is that PR emulator not works
ans only the sites with the Google PR1+ are accepted to register and to submit
and new PR1+ of PR Emulator are not included

Otherwise why I can not see the urls in PR emulator

Any idea, do have somebody else these problems ?
or are is it another failure



  • SvenSven
    Im not sure if I got you right as my English is not the best. However, keep in mind that not all URLs are sent to PREmulator.

    a) URL is from a web2.0 site category with a fixed URL
    b) PR of that URL is already known to SER (cache or within site list with URL|PR format)
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