How to use inner links?

I would like to shoot some links to inner pages on my money site but I have different keywords for those inner pages and they are not the same as the main page so I don't know how to set up the camping so some the software will know which keywords going with which pages.
is there a simple way to set it up or do I need to open different camping for each page since its different keywords?
thanks in advance:)


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    Hey, what's happening?! :)

    Hitting inner pages can be a good part of your strategy.

    Each Project (campaign) has two main  focuses: KWs & URL(s) that you want to backlink.

    Since you have different KWs AND URLs you want backlinks for, it only makes sense to create a new project. 

    GO to Project Panel and right-click on project you want to create the inner-page project for. Select Modify>>Duplicate>>Everything and make a new name for your inner-page project.

    Then, you can go in and edit the data and change the targets.
    Choose to clear, and then start adding them or add via file or clipboard buffer or WHATEVER! lol

    Also, change your KWs to the new set, and let it roll!

    Don't forget to Modify>>Reset and reset everything BUT the articles if you're using the same articles and  contextual tier. Remember, the articles may not work with your new KWs, if you're randomly sticking a link in. Consider changing this then, place link elsewhere, fixed.

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Also: See this previous post.  Seems you CAN put them together, tho I never used this feature.


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