Its been a while! Looking to automate a specific list of websites, not platforms - Any GSA software.

Hello All.

So its been 5 years since i was active on here! 

I am no longer building a quarter of a million links a day, or breaking my brain writing SVM captcha breakers, but am still very much into SEO.

I am now looking for a tool that can be used to automate custom sites, primarily for building business citations.
I raked my brain for the stuff i used back in the blackhat days, but most of the stuff is dead (what happened to sick submitter?).

Then i remembered that Sven was working on a platform trainer back in 2013 - does that exist now?
If it does, is there a tutorial anywhere?

If not is there any other GSA software, or 3rd party, that people can recommend?

I did waste a bit of time trying to write something myself with chrome headless but i would rather just pay for something that works and get on with the job in hand.

A quick note that i am not looking for a service like whitespark, Marketeers centre - i use them already but have a slightly blackhat idea brewing that will require a volume/cost ratio that only software can provide.



  • Zennoposter
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  • Looks pretty good thanks.

    Any idea what support is like if you dont speak russian?
  • Support is almost as good as GSA support. Its all cool, old and respected software.
    You can download demo, its functional, the only limitations: you can run 1 thread, you cant use captcha services. I also made a simple script to integrate GSA + ZENNO. Take a look:

    In the consumers/zennoposter folder you have a sample, open them in Project maker.
    Zenno is really cool :)

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  • @m3ownz check out BrowserAutomationStudio from bablosoft, they have free and paid version.

    I agree with others that a platform trainer is exactly what SER needs right now to bring it back to life.

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    "...exactly what SER needs right now to bring it back to life..."

    I am a relative newcomer to GSA and its ppl and products.

    I haven't ever seen anything as comprehensive as SER!

    But I've also heard ppl on boards saying this weird meme, "GSA is dead." :|

    HUH? These guys at GSA update their stuff all the time!! But I guess they meant SER, when they wrote GSA, as that's what it's often known as.

    What is this all about? Why would a tool-set like SER require being brought back to life, if you don't mind my asking? Please keep it simple!~ I don't really understand the issue. Thanks! :)

    I guess Sven might be open to finishing the trainer, if it serves a good purpose.  I mean look at how many new features have been added to SER just in the last six months. Too many to count! 

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    Google: Does gsa still work?

    With that being said I do not want to discourage anyone from buying SER. I still use SER for link building but it only consist with small percentage of my link building. I only use SER at lower Tiers and with very strict filters.

    With platform trainer I see SER coming back too life as it was from past.

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    jpvr90: OK, I'll do the search. Right now my proxied sandbox is broken. :o When I get a chance later, I will def check it out. I don't like looking up SEO stuff w/o a  proxy unless it's another SE. :|

    My guess as to what the search will reveal? Well, GSA is a name known throughout the world of SEO, and well beyond. I know a few years ago, SEO was different, as I was doing this, but not with automation tools. My guess is that what's really meant is that:

    1) Social media developed and changed the game. How do I even do research on competitors now? Backlink profiles/SE SERP reports only show a tiny bit of the picture!! There's all kinds of social media. They may be rocking Instagram, really killing it, under the radar, or at least MY radar. haha

    So ppl say GSA isn't the tool for social media management. BUT...GSA is programmable. With the creation of new .ini files, a headless browser, why not? (Seriously--anyone can help me understand what else is needed!)


    2) Ranking was easier back in GSA's legendary heyday. There weren't wild-animal-named filters and jagged-toothed dinosaurs (guess there still aren't, to be fair  :p )  romping through the SERPs as though in a video game, decimating sites in their paths. There WAS KW stuffing, and tons of junky ways of ranking.

    Personally, I like this better. :) While I encouraged someone to do automation at the time, I didn't want to risk it. Either way, by hand or by GSA (or another program) the methods were more spammy than today, for sure.  I like creating quality content; even if it's automated, it should still be good. There's a definite sense of purpose in communicating via clear and cogent postings.

    So, really then, what we're dealing with, possibly in addition to whatever this SE query will reveal, if different than my own guess, is that the game kept changing, ranking became more difficult, and GSA (as well as possibly third parties releasing them!!) would strongly benefit from putting out  some more quality social engines and maybe a dedicated posting platform/module within SER! 

    SER hasn't gotten worse, it's gotten WAY more feature-rich with time. (Check out SER YouTube vids if you doubt this--view chronologically, pay attention, you'll see it's 100% true!)

    In any case on Fliver, and places like that, GSA is a household word throughout the world, among aspiring small business people (frankly without a CLUE as to what a GSA is or does...could send them a picture of pie-making factory equipment and that would probably be met with oohs and ahhs!) as well as people in every country, sometimes perhaps not using SER properly, but making a living with this toolset, either way.

    What do you guys really think GSA(SER) would benefit most from adding?
  • GSA SER is only software that can rank a website nowadays. most of other are bogus, selling some concept that never going to work. google know them well.
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    @humancoder: All I know is, GSA is incomparable in terms of support, and Sven and company offers an INSANE set of tools, like no other.

    From GSA-SER Script Manual:

    "The program is all based on a simple script engine that we developed on our own which could theoretically be used to submit anything to any platform you can think of." -GSA


    So, it only makes sense to learn the scripting language. If you're serious about posting to a certain platform, all it takes is a little work of 1) learning how it works and 2) actually going in and finding the form data needed, etc. and writing the script.

    I still have yet to really mess with this. :| 

    I guess if I had platforms I wanted to post to, that would motivate me. As it is, all I'm going to do is make a test to login to one of my own sites, just to mess around. Aside from the learning experience and fun of finally working with the scripting, there's nothing yet I know I need to post to that I can't.

    I'm still concentrating on the engines.  So a question I now have is: How do I find new  platforms to post to, that wouldn't already have GSA engine? I guess look up, for instance, "contextual link platforms" and see what GSA-SER doesn't work with out-of-the-box?

  • Deeeeeeee there is not any platform that are not available in GSA SER. You can find high quality website that is not based on an platform.  I really do not use SER much to create back-link, but i use SER everyday for my SEO/None SEO related work.

    OP want a black-hate method, not a method actually, like press a button and get RANKED. most of people want to do it, we did that in old days, but its now 2018, SEO is not just link building. 
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    Thanks @humancoder, this question I've been thinking about all day and nite. lol

    I still don't know where I'd even be looking for finding new platforms. 

    I guess when I get there Ill figure it out. Almost there,
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    Deeeeeeee i read thousand of blog, thousand of thread, badly most of misleading but once i found a blog that is wroth and have right information, right direction >> gotch seo, see there blog (not training)

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    Hey @andrzejek,

    I'm testing your script but I've run into some problems.

    I haven't been able to make it work yet, it's probably due to my lack of programming knowledge.

    Is the script still working or has something changed?
  • przamunda said:
    Hey @andrzejek,

    I'm testing your script but I've run into some problems.

    I haven't been able to make it work yet, it's probably due to my lack of programming knowledge.

    Is the script still working or has something changed?
    is an old thread and maybe some things don't work in these days...
  • @andrzejek Thank you for your reply :-)

    It wasn't him who asked for the script, it was me.

    I got stuck in the cookiecutter step. I don't know what I have to do.

    I'm supposed to start cookiecutter in the console and create a script?

    I had to make small modifications to the script because it didn't work with repos.
  • @przamunda ah yes sorry :)

    You don't have to use cookiecutter at all.
  • @andrzejek First of all, Merry Christmas.

    Sorry for the late reply.
    I was finally able to make it work just like you do in the tutorial. But I still don't know how to add the Zennoposter scripts to SER.

    Could you tell me what I'm not doing right? Or what process should I follow?

  • @przamunda I have no idea i dont know where your stuck
  • @andrzejek ; Sent you a PM :-)
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