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An add-on from the people behind kontent machine.  Has anyone tried it and if so, what did you make of it?

SER could do with a visual builder. I think it would make the process of link building with SER, exponentially easier.  Imagine simply having to drag and drop a new architecture onto your screen, setup the usual stuff like keywords, anchors, the rest, saving it as a template and being able to use that specific template any time you wanted.

You could diversify your efforts in different ways. Set up a template that does 3 tiers, another that does 4, some focus on contextuals, some not.

I guess I'm more a visual type of person and something like this would help me out immensely. 


  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited February 2018
    Never seen it, looks cool. The only sad thing is that we have a lot of layers on top of a lot of layers instead of tools having ability to build the layers yourself
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas

    I've never seen/heard of  this before.

    I read this post yesterday and somehow it didn't register first time around. :/ Life's been hectic. I needed sleep. lol

    Of course, I have to check it out, as I've tried most demos for products that can work with GSA-SER. Even so, I'm OK with the present SER interface.  :)

    "having ability to build the layers yourself"

    Sick idea.  But even as GSA has it now, they could add an option to duplicate an entire Group or Sub Group, all Projects (specified) included, not just tiers. (Lately, I've been thinking how much groups could do cool stuff! Here's more!!)

    And having savable 1-click-create template buttons  would be cool.  Even without a new more graphical interface, that would work even now.

    The "multi-Change single value" is convenient beyond belief!!

    And, anything I can't change with that, I use a mass file changer (fnr.exe) to search and replace the string I need to alter in my project files.

    I saw a video last month about SER and, WOW!, Sven and his team have added sooo many features since the video. It had to be a few years old.  And here we are in the present, and the updates still appear all the time! Def incomparable support. THANKS, SVEN!!! :)

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