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Hi @Sven,
As long as I know SER doesn't uploads images with the articles. It only hotlinks the images right?


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    @Sven, whereas for Profile pics, those are actually uploaded from the folder specified in SER, no?

    Hmm...I didn't realize these were hotlinked.  I guess I thought the remote system had a place to "add images" and uploaded the images from wherever the images were hosted to the target URL. Good to know this...

    Do most GSA users usually use their own images on their own private servers or link out all over the place to wherever the images were originally found? (Always assuming using only Creative Commons, respecting copyrights, of course!)

    Also, related--Does the new GSA Image Spider have an option to DL images, or just provides their link location? I was so enthused to try it out, def will this week!!
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    profile pictures are indeed uploaded in most cases. You can specify such image or even a folder so SER will chose one and upload if required.
  • SvenSven www.GSA-Online.de
    GSA Image Spider will of course allow you to download all images to a folder.
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    Hmm...I have it pointing at a file...I keep updating the one file with new profile pics...essentially, it's all the files in a folder. :| lol I guess I should fix that to point directly at the folder, instead? I would have to do EVEN LESS each time I add profile pics! :D
  • @Sven Wouldn't it be possible to let SER upload pictures with the articles too? Even only to some limited platforms like wordpress, drupal, joomla.
    I could use that right now with some self hosted sites.

  • @Deeeeeeee You can use various solutions to link the images. If you just let SER pick images for your articles then there is the possibility that the image owner takes the image down one day and you will stay with a black box or something similiar in your article.
    You can set up some photo sharing accounts at various photo sharing sites and use those links.
    Use the cloud to store images and use those links.
    And as you have said you can use your own servers too.

    All have their pros and cons and place in the link building process I think.
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