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Pause/Stop Select By Group

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited February 2018 in Feature Requests
Good day, GSA pplz! :) Below is something I personally would find very useful, maybe others would also. Anyway a feature request for GSA!

What I was wondering was if a group (as oppose to the present project)  can also have its own attributes, so that a group can be paused or stopped after xx new verified/submitted links (as sum for all projects active within that group)?

(( I see there's already a counter for the Group Submitted and Verified, so I am betting it would take Sven and his team exactly ten minutes to implement a session counter as well, and an associated file for saved group [counter/etc.] settings. :p  ))

Maybe Sven, or some of the GSA forum members who often post, can find other stuff to use a set of group attributes for?

Groups could also get a settable colored background and/or  border? With attributes of some type, why not? :)

Settings: Recurse into sub-projects: [ ]y [ ]n

                Weigh Projects as Specified Below: [X] Y [ ] N

(GSA will count the links at the rate specified, if enabled)

       [x]        Weigh projects: using Priority:  Projects with ++ are worth [xx] links. <--settable by user
                                                                   Projects with + are worth [1.5] links.   
                                                                   Projects with .. are worth [1] links.   etc. etc....  

       [ ]         Weigh projects: using Mask
       [ ]                                 ??same as other GSA project select?

                Weigh by Engine: Contextuals: Weigh at [1.3]
                                           USER DEFINABLE!
                                                Redirect: Weigh at [.2]

Anyone at GSA interested? I'm enthused about
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