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%meta_title% as anchor macros bug

chazzzzzchazzzzz MSC
edited February 2018 in Bugs
When i use %meta_title% as anchor, and in article manager use random image to my article, gsa ser find image related not my anchor-title, but %meta_title% like this:


  • SvenSven
    well meta_title is a title from the page you submit to. SER does not know how to replace that macro in this state.
  • hmmm, bad :(
    mb you can advise me how i can use my page title as anchor and use image in articles? other macros?? i have 10000+ pages on my site with different titles and will be good if i can use title as anchor for each page.
  • SvenSven
    why you don't add that with the url itself in the project? Then you can use %anchor_text%
  • because i have 10k+ pages, and add url+anchor for each page will take a long time
  • SvenSven
    I could code something which adds <title>[...]</title> to every url you have in project.
  • yeah, its will be great
  • SvenSven
    next update has it on last entry form the EDIT menu that you get pressing that button next to the URL input field.
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  • chazzzzzchazzzzz MSC
    edited February 2018
    Great Sven, thank you! I heard a lot about the excellent support SER, now i see its true :)
  • SvenSven
    your welcome :)
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