what is Active (P)

2 of my project status changed from active to active(p).
what the meaning of active(p)?


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    The Active(P) means the project is active, but it is paused, I believe.

    Any experts around care to verify?

    It's my understanding that this happens when, let's say, a Tier Project is activated without the tier it's pointing to having any verified links to use to link to.

    Is that correct?

    Also, you may opt to use the project settings to PAUSE a project after X Submitted or Verified for Y minutes. I think the (P) also appears in this instance, once that condition you've set up is met.

    Anyone know anything more detailed/can correct my error if I am not right about this?

  • oh make sense. thx :)
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    Yes you are correct.

    Active(P) means the project is active, but it is paused, based on the schedule settings that were set in project options ( very first setting under project options ).

    Nothing needs to be done, it will resume automatically at the end of the day, and continue untill it again reach the limit that is set under schedule options, in which case it will again become Active(P) untill end of the day.

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