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About 99% fail rate

I get a lot of "already parsed", download failed...Connection timed out", "registration failed", and "no engine matches".

I am using public proxies at the moment. 
I have a list that I bought, which I'm not very confident about how new or good it is. 

Is that normal for public proxies?  If so, how much of a difference would private proxies likely make?
Are most of the errors normal, in general?


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    What's going on, man?  :)

    These are all different messages.  Each means something different. I'm still learning, too! But here's what seems to be the case:

    Already Parsed: That seems to mean the target being fed via scraping, or in your case, a list, has already been checked out.

    Download failed: When SER checks out a site, it actually downloads the data. There is a settable size limit for this as well. I'm not sure if an oversized page would trigger this, but I've seen this msg with poor public proxies as well.

    Connection Timed Out: The other system did not respond in time, as per connection time out limit. Could be proxies also. Could be anything. But if it's recurring, chances ARREN'T that remote system, one after the next, is experiencing issues. Not likely.

    Registration Failed: This could be that the target site can't be posted to with the engine that matched didn't work, for whatever reason. Maybe that site has custom text or variables, but not so unique that an engine can't recognize it.

    No Engine Matches: The list you fed, or freshly scraped list of sites GSA got from a SE, do not contain any "bits & pieces" that the SER engines (you have currently [X] checkboxed and therefore active) have not found anything that would indicate a site that may be posted to, using those engines.

    " If so, how much of a difference would private proxies likely make?"

    Night and day. Public proxies can be OK. Sometimes even good.

    But not anything like private. Definitely different results.
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