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i use GSA Search Engine Ranker to send profile link,so strange

i use  GSA Search Engine Ranker to send profile link,so strange

we have not write our website 

why does the keywords link into our website?


  • we want to use GSA Search Engine Ranker to send tire 2
  • we only import url into GSA Search Engine Ranker on data of GSA Search Engine Ranker,the url is not my website,the url is point to our website
  • SvenSven
    do you use your website domain as anchor maybe? Please show a sample (in pm).
  • thanks for reply,we will check
    we will buy more software from your company
  • please check the photo for set up in the attachment

  • SvenSven
    with that option you use URLs from the project, not the one from a main project.
  • thanks,if other person help me to send some link(these link point to my website,but these links is not sent by GSA Search Engine Ranker),how can i send tire 2 by 

    GSA Search Engine Ranker

  • SvenSven
    there are basically two ways doing this:
    1. Edit the project and add the links as project urls (make sure you clear the list with EDIT button)

    2. You can also create a dummy project with the main URL as project URL. You would then right click on it -> show urls->verified urls->right click->import verified urls. Add the tier project to that dummy project. You don't have to start the dummy one at all. It is just better to have all the links in it like that for a better review.
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