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Captcha Solution running perfectly BUT

I have been happy with GSA Captcha breaker since it came out, it was the best solution for accuracy and it is still the best for the functionality of being able to rout different captchas to different solutions. Now that botmasterlabs has dropped XEViL to the public I think it has beaten it for accuracy. 

I just wanted to note that I have Website Contact running at 100 threads posting at this moment, with recaptcha service emulation running to XEViL and it is kicking ass!


I have noticed he you run the software in scrape + post mode, it hangs a lot! as of this moment brilliant though it is you can not set and forget, hope this minor bug is addressed.


  • SvenSven
    It hangs? Im not aware of this "bug". You need to give me more to work on it.
  • SvenSven
    I also don't see what this has to do with CB or xevil...mentioning that xevil is better than CB is just your opinion though.
  • Hi Sven, fair points I guess I should stay on topic, I don't think either replaces the other it is only my opinion.

    The bug I see is

    I can run it on 100 scrape threads no problem if it is only in scrape mode
    I can run it in 100 post mode if it is only on posting alone

    If I combine the modes, down to even 5 scrape 20 post the software crashes within 5 minutes.

    Happy to share vps login if you want to see, its a new vps as of yesterday so it should not be conflicts.
  • SvenSven
    yes, if possible share the login details in pm. Also how does that crash look? Do you get a bugreport window?
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