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List Management?

Hi all, first thing, love the software this is a great addition to the GSA product line. As happy as I am with the software I wanted to throw in a suggestion which would be awesome for my workflow.

1. Would it be possible to have this software handle lists in the exact same manner as SER? 
2. Would it be possible to have platform identifier (I am aware this may not be the best place for this request but it is tied to this one) expanded to recognising and segmenting contact forms when they are found?

I am planning to either to scrape with hrefer or just import zone files if the above solution is not possible.

Once again, brilliant software thank you.


  • SvenSven
    1. what kind of lists?
    2. GSA Website Contact is not identifying contact forms on footprints or alike. It is doing this in a more complex way as e.g. a textarea must be present, no login/password field and so on...that all makes it a good contact form or not.
  • 1. Identified, Verified, Failed
    2. I saw that, I guess the only way to do it would be if it was Identified as a form not as a platform, I guess this would confuse the software more than help so fair enough
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