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mrlinksmrlinks UK
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I'm running 301 on lots of URLS on my website and the site is going down constantly.

I have a list of 400 URLS on 1 x website and I am running 1 x Recursive. 

I didn't think this could happen - I need to get an answer to the Hosting Company as they are blaming the Software for this?



  • SvenSven
    With "Server going down" you mean that your ranking drops?
  • mrlinksmrlinks UK
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    No hosting server goes down 

    Website goes down "downtime" and they are saying it could be me using this software is this possible?
  • SvenSven
    You really need to give more details. The software does noting more than creating shortened URLs for you. I don't know how that could bring down a website unless you use it on the same server where your webhost is running? Is it that?
  • I first crawl a list of URLS with it

    Lets see it grabs 400 

    The I use full mode no filters 

    I set Recursive x 1

    I also use a large Keyword list 

    I use 900 threads to not make it crash on my server 

    Hit GO

    Everytime we have done this it must be taking the URL posting it and creating a redirect but then that redirect must HIT our website?

    Imagine the site being hit constantly like a DOS attack?

    I think this is what must be happening. I cant be sure but our Hosting Company think its the software.

    What are your thoughts @Sven?
  • SvenSven
    no, it would not take your website when building new links. The sites that provide the links however might first check your website and see if it is alive.
  • Ahh so if its doing that constantly 1000 per min?
  • SvenSven
    sorry I can't follow!?
  • 1. If your server can not handle the number of requests coming to it due to Redirect Pro (a lot of redirects first check the destination url before shortening it) turn down your thread-count of upgrade your server or Cloudflare? 

    2. This is in no way the fault of Redirect pro

    3. Your host would not know about redirect pro unless you told them about it, from the perspective of the host all that is happening is other sites are pinging your URLs for the response code.

    So I guess, in short, either turn down your threads or upgrade your server and stop blaming software developers for software running to fast for your server to handle.

    Good luck!
  • First of all I love all Svens tools and have used them for over 4 years!

    I am not blaming the coder I am blaming the hosting!

    I was sure it was the hosts fault here but I had to check if Redirect Pro was pinging and how many times.

    I have tested another server hitting a site with no issues so my current hosting cannot blame this tool which is good.

    Back to getting easy Rankings :)

    Thanks @Sven for coding Amazing tools for us!

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