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does google can distinguish the link

does google can distinguish the link ,which is sent by manual,which is sent by software,such GSA


  • please help
  • SvenSven
    Im not google, but yea, if the link and it's content is not worth it, they might not take that link to index or eventually down-rank your site.
  • does google can distinguish the link?please help

  • SvenSven


  • SvenSven
    Anyway, if your question was if google can detect (better word in this context) if a link was created manually or by software, then I would say it can only detect that by the content itself and if it looks manual written or the usual spam.
  • @Sven what about various google scripts like analytics or google fonts? Do we really know what are these scripts doing/
  • SvenSven
    well yes and no. There are numerous browsers and addons skipping loading of certain scripts and fonts (or use cache) so even if that is not loaded, it doesn't tell g. that this is a bot.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    How could any search engine possibly detect whether it's you posting content you're writing just then or if it's perfectly spun content you created two weeks ago and now having GSA-SER(P) post for you?

    Or a manually written article of  you wrote two weeks ago, un-spun, and cut-n-pasted it in later?

    @bluesky0341:    The only time this could be detected by ANYone is if you use proxies and e-mails that have already been flagged in the past for spam, as CMSes have add-ons with shared lists and such.

    The sp4m reports we see are for webmasters, but could SEs have their own ways of using this data? Who knows.

    "what or...fonts?"

    The Fonts are just externally loaded, called via stylesheet or in the HTML. There is no script to use with this. So the font provider can see when a page requests it. That's it.

    Analytics, who knows? No one can ever give us an answer to this. It's data. If the provider of the service likes data, why would they  ignore it?
  • People say, google is god and know everything!
    This is not true, unless you are careless about the usage of any automated tool, google may never know how the post was made.

    It really depend on how you use it.
  • example if you post same comment on 1000 blog, everyone can see you are using auto posting software.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    OK, as far as I'm concerned go[d]oogle[?] lol is def a fum meme. :) It's probly true! lol :D

    Still, I try not to be careless with automation....but...

    ...I've been careful on most every content field except maybe blog comments, where it DOES count a lot. Thanks for helping me realize this was no place to be any less diligent and varied, @humancoder
  • thanks for help
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