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Is there a way to add more Web 2.0 submission sites?

I am a little new to this but I am intriguiged by its features. I am attempting to play it safe with web 2.0's only for now. My question is there are only 17 web 2.0 sites available to submit to. Is there a way to add more?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited February 2018
    Very cool that you asked this question! I was learning about engines recently, but skipped to scraping and footprints, so I never actually got to make a new engine/improve an existing one.  I will come back to this, but have a list of other tasks that come first.

    I know that this will be fun!!!!!! :):):)

    If you want to add an engine, you need to make a new .ini  file and save it in the Engines directory in GSA-SER. I just made a copy of the c***tgr**.o** web 2.0 engine and renamed it TEST.ini.

    Because the copy is also a web 2.0, when I now open my project engines panel, there it is, and in the right category!!! (Unchecked, of course) Right now it's just a copy of the other (existing) engine.

    Still, it was a first step, and now I'm interested. :)

    I just found it more important to learn to scrape targets first. I know you can be up and running with SB & GSA wit a few videos way faster than I have learned all this. lol
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