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How should we proceed to not get Unnatural inbound links penalty from google

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After tweaking the software right now i am able to keep 30 threads running at all time with about 15 LPM

But i am concerned about Unnatural inbound links penalty

The domain is aged and have some authority links. Currently most of the traffic is from direct and from referrers. There is almost no search engine traffic

For getting better links i marked

do not post if pr is un known or equal to 0
i also enabled no no keywords list (you know dirty words that the software already comes with)

So what are your suggestions ? and in which cases this penalty may come to us

I am posting all of the platforms expect web 2.0 is still 0 submission :D


  • PR filter is nonesense...
  • It's pretty random in my experience. I've spammed heavily, some domains have received the notification, while others haven't. I haven't noticed any pattern at all.
  • @thisisalex why pr filter is nonsense ?
  • Because even if it's a PR0 you still receive juice. And even if the domain is deindexed, then it doesn't affect you at all.

    As far as I know, the "unnatural links" appears only if Google has done a manual review of your link profile, so no matter how you look at it, I wouldn't worry. If you're concerned about getting a penalty then build links through buffer sites.
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