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GSA SER Reporting - Share Your Ideas

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited February 2013 in Feature Requests
I have been think that it would be so neat for us to get a regular email with a report from SER. 

Most use it on a VPS. It makes sense that there should be a feature where you can request it to send you an email with certain stats. 

I'd love to see on a per project basis for Last 24 Hours:
1) Submitted
2) Verified
3) Threads Allocated
4) Keywords Remaining
5) Identified Sites

I know some of the stats are in the SER tool when you view it and select projects, but I have to stop my projects to do my analysis. Would be nice to get an email with various data.

Also - many have a slow internet, which is why we use a VPS, and getting an email report would be nice. Would also send you an alert if SER crashes, or freezes or no links are getting built so you can investigate immediately, rather than having to check in every few hours. 

Not an urgent feature, but would be nice.. 

Maybe add your thoughts as to what stats would be useful in managing your SER campaigns.


  • I like the idea.. somehow I dont like more spam mails in my inbox.
  • I would like to re-awaken this old thread because I really like the idea and was thinking about the exact same thing. @Sven would it be possible?
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