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Threads issue

Lord_AlfredLord_Alfred world
edited January 2018 in GSA Content Generator
Why in scraping used only 5 threads? In settings I set 100.
Memory/CPU is not overloaded.


  • SvenSven
    probably because of the need to slow down on not getting banned for search queries.
  • Maybe add captcha settings (same as in SER) for recognition? for google - its very good idea, I think.

    PS: I use xEvil (as emulation 2captcha service)
  • Lord_AlfredLord_Alfred world
    edited January 2018
    And on results parsing I get the same low threads using...  :'(:'(

    Upd: after 15 mins upper timer show me more than 10 hours to parse on  this speed...  :'(

  • SvenSven
    can you send me the project backup + threads-settings you use?
    meanwhile press SKIP on that dialog...should be enough data to create articles.
  • @Sven, PMd to you
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