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tier 1 is pointed money site,tier 2 is pointed to tier 1

how many links for tier 2 one day,please help
how many is safe,thanks


  • Hey.

    Depends a lot on your competitors and your niche.

    For new website, average GSA guide says its 10 links for tier 1, 30-40 for tier2 and 50+ for tier 3.

    But better start with few links, like 4-5 a day, to understand program (if you are not familiar) and slowly rise up your link profile.
  • thanks for mail
    on fiverr,
    seller can submit over 50000 links for USD5 for one day
    this is very cheap

    is that safe for tier 2?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    If you website is new, conceive of it as an image in your mind.

    Whatever you imagine, imagine it small.  Now imagine the same site, grown. It's a year later, and you have more traffic and a steady supply of backlinks to consume.

    Do you imagine it to be the same size in both images?

    If that first image you pictured needs fuel/food, would you imagine it eating a pile of backlinks (or whatever it eats?) that's twenty times its height, a massive pile, in a single day? IT'S JUST NOT POSSIBLE!!! It's more fitting for a "full grown" site, no? :o lol


    bluesky0341: That is cheap! But...think about what Alexander wrote.  That could feed 4000 or more new websites Tier 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your site will get stomach aches, for sure.

  • "seller can submit over 50000 links for USD5 for one day"
    How do you think is that safe?) Of course it`s not. I am not sure if that is even tier-3.

    If its your main site (money site), before backlinking to it everything, think how you can remove links after if they will hurt you? 50K links to remove will be a tough task and you will be doing useless work.

    For average guest post on good site ppl are taking about $100. So, for $5 you can expect only few fine links on my opinion. 

    Still, if you ordered something, dont forget to check backlinks and disavow that part, which can hurt your site.
  • the seller submit 50000 links by GSA Search Engine Ranker for two days
    they say,it is very safe for tier2
  • also i think
    now it is not safe to submit link by GSA Search Engine Ranker for tier1
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