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DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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This week, my plan is to learn about footprints...finally. I see how the scripts work. Still haven't written ONE. :| But I get it so I'm skipping to footprints first. My scraping is not up to par, as of present. Way, way NOT up to par! lol

Watching targets scroll up as I ran GSA-SER, this came by:



  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    I understand what footprints are. These are unique strings of chars that a given platform may have.  OK.

    I understand that the same platform, configured differently,  may have different footprints, yet all the sites I scrape for that platform, regardless footprint,  may be posted to with the same engine. OK.

    I understand that if I scrape for footprints plus keyword, I can get niche backlinks for that engine that can post to the platform I'm trying to develop a list of for GSA-SER. OK.

    I chose "article beach" to start. The footprints appeared in the box, and I copied into Scrapebox.

    Some of the sites that were found were for "GSA lists", including this forum, because those footprints appear somewhere on THOSE pages as well, even though they are not the correct platform. (I see I will have to filter these)

    Finally really taking a better look at Scrapebox, I see why that tool is the standard for what you guys use. It's has many features, add-ons, and  even premium plug-ins, all focused on that task. And users on here say it's fast at what it does.

    Though I've had the program a while, I am actually new to it. I've not had much time to play with it until this weekend. Anyway, thanks to GSA forum users who encouraged me to check it out. I shouldn't have had such a closed mind toward it's use. :|
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