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Unknown engine- second service fail - with MS 4.4


I'm using gsa captcha breaker with Magic Submitter. Since last update of captcha breaker v3.68, it can't recognize most of captcha by using the second service (death by captcha!) .. I'm using 'socks api' since 'post api' doesn't seem to react at all....

I'm currently in my Death by captcha account so it's not a credential issue....

Any idea please ?


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  • it works fine with de-capther so I guess something is wrong with death by captcha as second service
  • SvenSven
    In latest update I exchanged the default Death by captcha post-api with the socks-api. This should work more stable but then again might not be turning out the was wanted for some customers. If you have issues with it (maybe firewall blocks it), try removing the service and add it again as "Death By Captcha (Post-API)".
  • that's the thing : Nothing happens at all when I click on 'post Api' in options....
  • SvenSven
    fixed in latest update, sorry
  • Thanks. Now the issue seems to be : ''image loading'' as the answer for most of captchas... (no difference if I user death by captcha or decaptcha as the 14st or 2nd service...)

    Did I miss something ?

    22.JPG 103.6K
  • SvenSven
    PICTUREISLOADING ? Thats not from our software but comes directly from the service.
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