GSA "Bogs Down" after hours of running... going slow & low thread count?

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I am experiencing this lately with GSA. I am on a VPS and it's been speed tested so I know it isn't the network.

I start GSA and it runs fine for the first little while then slows down to a minimal number of threads at about 20-30LPM

I was shown a trick to clean up the site lists and that worked for a day and then it started again.

I thought it was my verifications times all being set to the same time but then after I changed that GSA didn't reboot to a better speed again.

I have restarted GSA and my VPS to clear any potential memory issues so I know it isn't that either.

If anyone has any ideas on what I may be doing wrong here I would appreciate it.

I am running good proxies as tested also in case anyone thinks that might be it.

Here it is running 23LPM with 0 threads??? I have no idea what is going on!


I can tell it's not frozen as the submitted continues to rise and CB is answering captchas as well.



  • So this is what I did to solve this (for now)

    I cleaned the site lists again and Rebooted my w2008 VPS.

    I started to do some research online and found this thread on w2008 being weird memory wise :

    and then this solution:;EN-US;979149#appliesto


    I haven't applied this solution as yet but thought to mention it in case someone else has.

    If you have tried this and found it worked for you please let me know.

    If I get the slow down effect again I may have to look at trying this patch for w2008.
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    pretty sure you have the same problem as i have already reported, 

  • Yes it definitely looks like the same issue...

    I am updating my server right now and will be rebooting everything to see if there is a difference tonight overnight.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Keep us updated nicerice

    Each time I clear the target url cache, I get a clear run

    Days I dont, it dies while checking links and needed to be restarted

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    Will do... that is exactly what is happening with mine also.

    server is still installing updates and I can't go to sleep until its finished....
    so its time for more niche research =)
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Just had a friend do the target url cache clean to his.

    Same thing, big boost in submissions in a short period

  • Finally all updates are in and i rebooted the site lists and this time deleted the target url cache... its buzzing along fine now and I hope for at least 8 hours I don't have to look at it :P
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Keep us updated on how it goes please.

    Be nice to have a permanent fix for this :D

  • 8h should be fine, the problem is the long run.
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    6 hours down and it's still buzzing along.

    I have to mention that i noted that verifications was where it seemed to be going nutty on mine.

    I have reset my lower tier verifications to 3 days but my top tiers are all automatic.

    I assume that when all the 3 day verifications start i will have issues.

    Makes me wonder if Custom Verification Time should be a little random so they don't all start simultaneously?

    Hopefully this goes for the longest run instead of a shorty.

    For the record... I installed my updates but the patch I downloaded would not install on my comp because it isn't right for that version of windows to apply. That is after I downloaded it from Microsoft as they recommended it. I suppose that that issue was already attended to in the version I am on.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    The 2nd link you posted just went to a normal microsoft page

    Have you got the correct link to the download, or some idea of what its called.

    Yesterday after clearing the target url cache, I had a good 24 hr run. The was the next day it bugged down

  • Page title : "A computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 becomes unresponsive when you run a large application"

    see if this link works :;EN-US;979149

  • I had to install an update ... it was running fine after 18 hours and after reboot ran just the same so far.... thought to report in case anyone was interested.
  • Ok running a bit slower again...

    I have turned off all site lists for the time being to see how that makes a difference in runs.
  • @nicerice any update on this? I am havng the same problem now
  • turn off your antivirus. This solved my problem.
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