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Best Combination of Captcha Breaker and

Hello Everyone,

I am using SER from past 2-3 months. I am trying 2nd tier using GSA SER. Added CB as a 1st service to solve captcha and for 2nd service. But don't know what exactly would be setting for this. I have added 100 USD yesterday and today its all gone :( Only 30 USD remaining. I dont want to use so much captcha for 2nd tier? Please suggest me best setting for it. Should I tick "use for hard captcha only"?

Waiting for your response.



  • SvenSven
    2captcha is also used for nocaptcha/recaptchav2 which is not possible
    for CB to solve. So I guess the main amount of money goes off on that.
    But I think it's more important to optimize the engine selection. What
    you can do now is go into the project options and right click on the
    engine selection box -> Uncheck Engines based on Performance
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