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Advice for newbie. Tier and article question.

Hi everyone!

I am quite new to SEO and learning myself. Guys, I have a few questions, hope for your help and experience.

I am doing link-building for my website and testing GSA carefully. So, my incoming stats should be like 30-40 links/day for tier-1, 50 links/day for tier-2 and about 100 links/day for tier-3. Domain age about 2 years.

1. Do tier-2 and tier-3 counts for website as links, or only tier-1 count? 

I mean, when we pushing for example 50 links/day for tier 1 and then 100 links/day for tier-2 or tier-3, it all counts for our website? Or tier-2/3 doesn`t count but give just link juice.

1.1 How long should I wait before start tier-2? 

I read somewhere, that it`s better to wait few days or weeks before launching tier-2. Is it true? If I start right after, does it hurt somehow?

2. How to understand when my articles ('article manager tab') should be reneview? 

This is quite confusing for me. I did search through few forums and it seems like obviously for most users? But I really can`t get, how long should I stick to my articles?

For example, I have 22 high quality manually spinned articles with 40+ spinned titles. And I have 2 campaigns for my website. So, I am using those for my tier-1 and tier-2. Also I am turn on option 'Do not submit same article more than 1 times per account'. And I am using about 10 emails per campaign.

I think my average campaign would be like 1+ month.

2.1 Can you explain this feature 'Do not submit same article more than 1 times per account'? I mean what it does exactly - it deletes article after submitting? Or just don`t use? This helps to avoid dublicated content?

3. How often should I change emails?
I have a bulk of 50 emails. Stats campaign you can look above.

Thanks in advance.


  • @Sven can you help me? Thanks.
  • SvenSven
    Im sorry @Alexander but I leave that open to the SEO experts here to answer.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Alexander, hope you're having fun testing out GSA-SER! :)

    To start at the end, about the e-mails. Unless you're creating multiple accounts on one target URL, you don't need many emails. You can keep email accounts active until each email is blacklisted. You can enter the email at a SE prompt and see. You can also check the multiple lists that are compiled to prevent spamm.

    When the account is shot, just uncheck it, don't remove it from each proejct.  This way, it can still verify the emails for targets you just acquired, but won't use those emails to create new ones. I have to go, I'll write more in a bit, dude.
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    To make it even easier, GSA has a feature to both test that the e-mail works, as well as to check if it's blacklisted.

    Goto Project Details>>E-mails. On the right side, you will find these button. You can test selected or all.  be sure to select something.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "Do tier-2 and tier-3 counts for website as links, or only tier-1 count?"

    To make it EASIEST, think of it like this. Your site sits in the middle of a web of sites linking in to it.  ALL of the weight of everything pointing at your site determines (in part) how your site fares in the SERPs.

    Each of those inbound links pointing at your money site or whatever, can be lousy, as in, few links pointing at IT, or weighty, meaning many good strong links point at it.

    Those links pointing at the links that go directly to your site are the next tier up. "Tier II."
    These give your Tier I Iinks strength, essentially.

    And likewise, your Tier III point down to the Tier IIs. These lend the Tier IIs more weight.
    And so on.

    So, in other words, think of it this way: If you have a a site that three people like, but have no friends linking back to their stuff, it will help less than if your three friends who were the three most famous people you can think of linking to you, because so many people link to them.

    "1.1 How long should I wait before start tier-2?"

    Do you have to wiat before starting Tier IIs? The Tier IIs can get your Tier Is indexed, for one thing. In real ife, if you make a sick page, won't someone link to it as soon as they find it? So the wait on next tier makes no sense to me.

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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I would rather someone with more knowledge answer regarding when to change out articles. SEs love new content. If your article is unique to 1000 spins, but after that you start getting crazy duplication, and you spin it out six thousand times, that's a lot of duplication.

    I think rather than "when to change them out", don't play them out! lol

    As far as 'Do not submit same article more than 1 times per account' that can be toggled by clicking on it. This keeps you from  re-posting the same stuff, either:

    on the same account: More than one person on a site can submit the same article/spins of the same article.

    per site/domain: only ONE of each article per domain. (I have to set some more to this)

    anywhere: use if u take the best percentage of uniqueness from spin spintax and load these in.

    Hope this helps. BTW, Im just a learner, too. :)
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    Hey @Deeeeeeee!

    Thank you for detailed answer. 

    Yeah, question about articles is the hardest one. Still, I didn`t get clear answer about tier-linking. Probably my fault :)

    Let me ask again: if I got 50 links tier-1 and 100 links tier-2/3. So, its 150 links overall. My website statistics/google (google analytics, or whatever) will count whole 150 links or only 50 links? 

    As I understand, only tier-1 counting, because it is pointing directly to my website. And other just amplify upper tiers. Is that right?

    Also, I`ve got few answers from BHW forum, and dudes said that 50 links/day for tier-1 is too much. So, there is something to consider. Probably to 20 a day.

    P.S: about articles I meant to change them at all, not spin further.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    Alexander, happy to be of help! :)

    "As I understand, only tier-1 counting, because it is pointing directly on my website. And other just amplify upper tiers. Is that right?"

    That's correct.

    Any service counting inbound links, including any analytics, only counts (selected) incoming links. Which ones?  Good question! lol If the SEs don't count them, they don't matter much. But you can help to assist them to "see" the backlinks, as well, tho never any guarantee (an already unrecognized link) will be.
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