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PR? too low

pclwebpclweb UK
edited September 2012 in Need Help

Sven would you be able to add some sort of pr update function as when pr is updated or sites banned we should be able to keep up with the best sites and update our lists.

Oh also another question.. If gsa has gone through the list and found a pr? site, due to not being able to get the pr value is it nolonger available for the project. How do i get the urls back.



  • SvenSven

    You want this PR update on the verified URLs?

    Ge teh URLs back would be using "Delete Target URL Histroy".

  • pclwebpclweb UK
    edited September 2012
    no. lol but i'm sure that would work as it would then receheck pr.. :)
  • SvenSven
    Just added PR Update for verified URLs
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