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Hebrew/Arabic/Farsi - Right-to-Left

I am in need of some native speaker of these languages and some basic html knowledge.
I was of the impression, that the text is also written right-to-left (rtl) in that language but it seems in many html files it is written the same was as in left-to-right languages and just displayed differently in browser?

Is that always the case?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    I don't speak or know any of those languages. My knowledge is limited to looking up the characters for good luck or blessings in both Arabic and Hebrew, as well as Sanskrit. Never checked out Farsi. (Tho using G* translate for GSA has me interested in languages lately - so cool that it speaks, too!)

    I copied the letters, not remembering ppl who can read it are reading backwards! lol   So, I'm not really qualified to answer. STILL...

    I have no idea for sure, but I do remember back in the day reading that 8 and 16 bit machines' screen output for those markets with these rtl languages was simply reversed, meaning the cursor would go from right to left, I believe, and on return go to the right side, not left.

    So, if that's still the case, I guess the files would display LTR in our editors, but if someone were using an editor in one of the countries where people use RTL written languages, that same file would show up in their editor from RTL, but not have the characters LITERALLY mirrored, as would have been in the past. (Anyone can confirm this? I really have no clue.)

    As for screen output, unless you're using a web site that's RLT (I've never seen one yet but I'm sure they exist), the text file output would be LTR as you know. How do you put both directions on one page? dir="rlt" would affect all text, no? <br><br>
  • SvenSven
    I figured it out. The sentence is written in the source as with every other language. It is just displayed from right to left via the "dir=(rtl|ltr|auto)" parameter.

    The problem with the languages and GSA Content Generator was not that part, but the fact that e.g. Hebrew does not have any upper/lower case separation which broke a couple of things on the sentence extraction. It is however fixed now in latest update.

    Thanks anyway.
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