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Socialser is dead?

Hello my friends. Does anyone know what happened with the socialser? The site has been offline for a week. :(


  • shaunshaun
    edited January 2018
    I called bullshit on that tool before he launched it and was trying to find people to promote it, everything about it screamed cash grab/scam to me so I wanted nothing to do with it. Looks like I was right.

    His main account has been banned over on BHW for months, not exactly sure why but I would imagine it is due to scams/shilling.

    He has a few other shill accounts over there too, this is the only one I can remember the name of and it was aslo banned a few times. It was last active two days ago, if you have an account over there then maybe you can PM him or something.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Oh well. : ( I still would want this add-on, even if it doesn't help with SEO as he claimed.

    Maybe, Shaun, you're right and the claims were much exaggerated, still...

    As long as it worked and did what he said, I'd have had a good use for it.

    Who knows. Maybe he'll be back with this again?
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Whether it worked and was useful to certain members here is irrelevant imo. It's wrong to spam in the manner that this guy did - emailing all of GSA's customers (how?), sending out mass PMs, etc. It's also wrong to claim that the tool is ranking websites when you have no evidence of it, as @shaun got the guy to admit in some other thread on here. Good riddance.
  • @redrays what do you mean emailing all of GSA customers?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    "It's wrong to spam in the manner that this guy did"

    True. Spamming Sven's board probably isn't cool.

    However, I still feel that if the engines worked, the accomplishment has to be separated from the hype. The idea of such additional engines adding new functionality to GSA-SER is cool, either way.

    Oh, and, by "worked" I just mean functioned. Even if they worked BETTER than claimed, in terms of SEO, it's probably better to emphasize the task the engines do, rather than a claim that people WILL debate and fact-check for sure.

    I will STILL try them for free and give an honest review of whether they work or not! :)
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @andrzejek - all might be an exaggeration, especially if you didn't receive his promotional email over the summer. He did buy some list of GSA customers from somewhere and spammed us about his shitty product. I didn't raise a fuss about it because I didn't know for sure that GSA itself sold him that list and because I'm happy enough with the products that I'm willing to overlook a few bad things if they did. However, that plus letting him bulk PM us plus promote his product in multiple threads outside of BST was a lot harder to tolerate.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    I didn't even know it was against the rules of this board to bulk PM ppl. :o

    I don't mind too much, really.

    It's GSA's issue to deal with, if it is an issue.

    I like getting promo emails from any/all users for services/programs/etc. they're offering. 

    Especially FREE offers. Why not? You get to check out a lot of new stuff, and have the incentive of a free trial for something you might otherwise not think of purchasing, but which turns out to exceed expectations.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @Deeeeeeee - while I respect your opinion, I simply don't agree with you. It's also worth pointing out again that @shaun was right, this guy turned out to be a scam / cash grab.
  • shaunshaun
    IMO it's not fair his thread wasn't locked away in the BST section either, I suspect that account that has only logged in once and made its only post in his thread was just him bumping it a few weeks back.

    People who have been here years and contributed to the community have their threads locked away in the BST thread.

    Anyway, looks like the plugin is dead now. We can all move on. I just feel bad if anyone did actually pay for the 12 month subscription as he claimed.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    @redrays @shaun - You guys raise some valid points. I see where you're coming from.
  • I subscribed to the monthly plan. I honestly loved this plugin. It worked perfectly (most of the time). I had around 1,000 twitter PVAs loaded in and I always saw a boost in rankings after making a few hundred signals and then indexing them with index inject (never got a boost without force indexing the tweets). I was very disappointed when the tool stopped working and @Gintas disappeared. 

    What's worse, after I discovered the the site was down and the tool was not working, my subscription rebilled. So basically he shut it down and kept the subscriptions running. I filed a dispute with Paypal.

    If someone would pick this project up, I would gladly subscribe again.

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    " So basically he shut it down and kept the subscriptions running. I filed a dispute with Paypal."

    Well, I hope @Gintas is OK. Life can mess up our work. Who knows.

    And, if he is OK, then he has a LOT of explaining to do!!! :#

    Like I said, all else aside (and making hefty SEO claims and billing w/o service are certainly serious issues! :o ), new ways of making GSA-SER do things it could not do before, is ALWAYS very, very cool.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @arc323 - sucks to hear that, sounds like you'll win your PayPal dispute without much issue though.

    What kind of ranking boost were you seeing?
  • @redrays - I would normally see a boost of a few positions, the most I ever saw was around 20 positions. The more competitive the keyword, the less boost it would get.

    I also found that making tweets, indexing them with Index Inject, and then sending traffic through the tweets using Pandabot provided a longer lasting boost. 

    I was using the tweets to justify link velocity but I started noticing an increase in rankings before adding additional links. If I only made tweets and did not follow it up with links, the boost was almost always temporary. Or the position might increase 10 and drop back 7 for a net gain of 3 positions. It just seems to vary based on the keyword and strength of the website. 
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  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @arc323 - appreciate the detailed answer, I'll give this a shot.
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