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Use proxies

Sorry for the stupid question ...
If I check "Use proxy", but not check none of the boxes below - does it mean that the GSA SER will not use the proxy and will work from my IP?

Thank you


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I think that's like a master over-ride for all of the below checkboxed proxy options, regardless of their setting.

    Anyone know for sure?
  • SvenSven
    I know for sure yes ;)
    Having that box checked alone means actually that no proxy is still used for the tasks below. You really have to check the boxes under this as well.
  • Thank you, Sven,
    your answers, as always, help.

    but what is the difference between Public and Private?
    in any case, I use my proxy list. What is the difference for the program - public and private?

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018
    Any proxy that has been fed into GSA-SER's proxy manager can be set to either private or public. (Proxy Manager>>List>>Select>>Right Click>>Toggle Public/Private)

    Each has it's own set of controls, like disable on fail or not.
    (Proxy Manager>>Options>>Checkboxes for each set at top right.

    Some (actual, not just marked as such!) private proxies need a PW and user. Those are the ones you see with @ in them.

    Others seem to only need the port and IP, but are limited to certain IPs, thereby keeping them from being used by others.

    Those are TRUE private proxies.

    Any other method of making proxies private? I guess proxies w/o PWs or IP locks that ppl share with you that aren't shared on any networks or forums or lists publicly might be considered private, though someone could find them and they wouldn't be locked?

    On the Main Screen of GSA-SER, there's a proxy counter at the bottom of the screen.

    P: 36|2

    The first number represents your proxies set to PRIVATE.  The second represents your proxies you've not marked private.

    The default list proxies that check out after testing go to is public. Lists and imported proxies asks you if you want to test them in GSA-SER. After that, the program asks you if you want to set them as private.

    (DO NOT TEST YOUR "SPECIAL", "GOOD", PREMIUM" private proxies against G. EVER!)

    Your proxy company should indicate which proxies are OK for scraping G!, and therefore can, and should, be tested against Ghougrill or whatever Search Engine.

    Remember, tho, you could set your publics to private, even if not private, if they're different types/speeds/passed different tests/etc. of proxies that you want to keep separated for those different checkboxes for different SER tasks in the panel you uploaded above. :)
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