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Email blacklisting solution

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I have had many Request to build an app that swaps out emails in our project files when they're blacklisted.

There are a couple of ways that this can be done but I wanted to open it up to you guys to see which way you would prefer

Sense the password for the pop three access is encrypted in the project file I cannot change that easily. I can however change tax with and I text file that you have linked for that password for instance using the file macro.

Another way this can be done is with forwarding emails with an account creator that is in testing right now. This would mean that the pop three access details never change just the emails that are forwarded to that pop three. So the app would check all of the email addresses and email control which is that your email control not the email verification because you never use the email verification email for creating accounts just got your email. Then if any of those were blacklisted it would delete it and replace it from a list of good emails addresses so in this case the login never changes just the emails that forward everything to the login email address so the main email address.

I hope this makes sense it is a bit confusing perhaps I'll make a screen cast later on I just wanted to start the conversation to see what other ideas there might be in this community.

Please excuse the spelling errors and typos as this was written on my iPhone


  • ronron
    The only concern I have I really don't think you can address...before changing emails we should be verifying the email that is already in that account. We could be throwing away a lot of successful registrations. 
  • Yeah, thanks @ron. You would have to verify all emails before running this tool.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    The account creator works well and is pretty much idiot proof

    I have been testing it over the last couple of days

  • thanks @LeeG, hopefully i'll hear back from some other beta testers and I can get this thing released.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Had a play with the blacklist checker today.

    And it works well

    Im in the process of adding multiple hotmail accounts to my projects in spintax form

    If your using a list of spun hotmail accounts, it can check them all with SFS

    Plus it has another added feature of being able to automatically replace blacklisted email addresses, if you have a list of fresh accounts ready.

    As with any software theorbital releases, it straight forward and easy to to use

  • Thanks @LeeG for the great feedback. I want to get this tested with some other people before I release it so if anyone else uses the method of using multiple emails forwarded to one email than get a hold of me.
  • The beta has began - all licenses sent
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