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Stuck under .25 LPM, how to improve Speed?

I'm really stumped as to how to improve speed for DF contextual T2 links,  currently i just get from .01 to .25 LPM.

Are there some kind of standard settings i'm missing?

I tried checking 'post on the same site again' but it made all my t2 links on the same weird foreign site so i decided to turn it off.

I've also tried mixing and matching the follow resources:

1000 public proxies,
stormproxy backconnect proxy gateway,
5 private proxies

700 KW from KWShitter
800,000 KW from scrapebox

1LinkList trial

I also have captcha breaker setup and working.  How much can 2captcha increase speed?  My computer has 16gb ram and core i7 8th gen, so it should be able to work harder.

I also see alot of "no engine matches", "wrong engine detected", "no form at all" in the feed.
Thanks for any advice

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