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Why is joomla k2 considered a bad engine.

i have read many users saying that joomla k2 is a bad engine.
what is wrong with it ? to me the joomla k2 engines appear to be a normal backlink.


  • shaunshaun
    Back in the day there were a whole bunch of exploits for the K2 plugin. They would have porn or viagra ads injected into them and a bunch of other stuff. Back then it was also a nightmare to index the pages created on the K2 platform as additional outbound links were injected into your posts.

    An update was rolled out a few year ago (probably longer) and it increased its security. The number of targets to submit to massively shrank around the same time frame if I remember correctly as if the update tried to counter SER use too similar to what Easyblogs did. Indexing rates shot up though so I started to use it again back around the time of the update but you should track your link retention of the verifieds you build on all platforms these days.
  • @shaun
    thanks for explaining so well.
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