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gsa not working.

cyberkyd1cyberkyd1 United Stated
edited January 2018 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
hi, my GSA trial was working fine, Until I decided to run the trial version the smart way. I did all that with config.ini file that had been asked all over the internet to make your trial go unlimited, it was working fine until i made a purchase for gsa and uninstalled the unlimited trial One, restarted computer, download from the official website, installed, ,  and it started giving me an error message with only 3 options, 'continue', 'restart' or close. 
& none of them is working, they're just giving the same error all the time.

i tried
uninstalling, reinstalling, ccleaner, nothing seems to be working so far. so I started locating the config.ini in the app data
so that i can revert the change manually, but even the file is not there... i have already uninstalled and reinstalled like 10 times, but its not working. please provide me with a Quick resolution asap. thanks
below is the screenshot

gsa.PNG 12.3K


  • SvenSven
    And now I should give you support for your crack issues?
  • cyberkyd1cyberkyd1 United Stated
    I have purchased it... Now I was just looking forward to making GSA work so that I can put the license information that I have received via mail. But I can't. & it's not running the cracked version anymore. 
  • SvenSven
    You modified your PC to overcome a trial on very old SER versions. Now undo that changes and move on!?
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