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Is there a software can generator more than 20 thousands of articles with just one spin article ?

Hi everyone
I have a question actually little related with GSA Search engine ranker.

The situation like below:

recently i accept a SEO project. the target money site has around 24000 products. But the content is very poor, too much duplicate content, in my mind. However, the whole niche market has little competition, so actually other competitors' website has poor content too. 
I want to use GSA SER to send some backlinks to this money site, but before that, i want to create some unique content for this website, so i am planning to batch revise the product SEO description in this format: SEO title + {spin article}.
The final article will be like this: " xx from online official website, with best quality and cheap price, 1 year warranty." 
XX is the SEO title, i just want to generate more than 20K articles/sentences with one pre-written spin sentence. But the problem is that, many software such as the best spinner, spin chief can only generate one thousand different articles. 
I know little about php, so i have to go for software. Is there any software on the market can break the one thousand articles limitation ?

Thanks !


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited January 2018

    If I understand you correctly, you want to get more articles out of your spun article.

    What really limits you is the number of combinations, and nested complexities, you make in your article.

    What you have to realize, it's x! or x factorial (x * X-1 * X-2 * ... until 1) so your number of permutations essentially determines the total number of unique articles you can generate.

    Some may be very similar, but with N higher, you can have a larger total set more more unique articles.

    So if you have <I|We> <ate|cooked> you can generate:

    I ate.
    We ate.
    I cooked.
    We cooked.

    Four totally different sentences.

    So if you have <I|We> <ate|cooked> <the cat|the beans> you can generate:

    I ate the cat.
    We ate the cat.
    I cooked the cat.
    We cooked the cat.
    I ate the beans.
    We ate the beans.
    I cooked the beans.
    We cooked the beans.

    Eight totally different sentences.

    Of course, you want a highly unique article. For example, you could have a 100,000 (unspun) 500 word (spun) article. That would produce articles with a lower probability (among the same sized set) of highly duplicate articles.

    I don't know if this was helpful, but it's how I understand this. :)

  • actually i am doing this.i can write a pretty long article to generate several articles. Problems is that the software on the market can only generate 1000 articles with the spin text i provided. I want it generate 20,000 articles at least. Thank you anyway.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    I guess you want to use the compare function to get rid of the articles with a high percentage of similarity, and thus you need all 20,000 generated at once?

    Maybe you could see how much each programmer would charge to provide you with a custom solution for their software to iterate to 20,000 instead of the cap of 1000?
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