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Gsa ser using some engines very little ?

hi, i did a test with 2 projects

1st project posts to all article engines. it created plenty of backlinks on all engines but only 1 backlink on joomla k2 engine.
2nd project posts only to joomla k2. and it created lots of joomla k2 engine backlinks.

why this difference ? it seems that in the first project, gsa ser is ignoring or skipping joomla k2 engines.
is there some kind of dis-preference ?


  • SvenSven
    its not ignoring it, it might be busy with one other engine here before moving to another (k2).
  • i have had it running for a week now. it is creating lots of backlinks on many different engines, but only 1 joomla k2 has been created so far. not sure if its normal
  • shaunshaun
    Its normal is you use kitchen sink style projects. I published this post on it a few month back. You need to refine the engines you use.
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