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How many submissions is normal per day?

edited January 2018 in GSA Search Engine Ranker

I recently purchased SER, with Captcha Breaker and other tools needed like private proxies and e-mail accounts. I have learnt the software's fundamentals, but what I'm unsure about is how many submissions or verified submissions per day is normal or what should be aimed for? My niche is a small one, under 5,000 searches per month and I'm starting to see my new site going up in rankings - but maybe because I had over 1000 verified in one day and now I wonder if Google's going to penalize my site.

Another thing I was concerned about. My site is an affiliate marketing site, and noticed in the affiliate terms if one is caught doing spam campaigns they will be banned. Does this mean if I use SER I could potentially be breaking their TOS as the software posts to different websites? What would be the likelihood of getting caught and would it be safer to not use the software for my kind of site - has anyone done similar campaigns?

Thank you for any info!


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    What's going on, man?

    I have been using GSA-SER since the summer. I also wonder about many of the same things. How much linking is too much? If a site is climbing already, is trying for a more aggressive rise dangerous?

    As far as: "...but maybe because I had over 1000 verified in one day and now I wonder if Google's going to penalize my site..." I have read that the Search Engines' algorithms account for spikes, to prevent super-easy malicious "Negging" of competitors (though people do it in other ways) and to stabilize things.

    So one day of a spike is probably not going to hurt. Anyone know better who can say for sure that it will or won't for sure?

    As far as breaking your affiliate marketing TOS by spamming...

    Firstly, SER can be used for everything from a totally white hat content-rich campaign to pure spam.

    Secondly, if you're spamming so much, so close to your money site, that anyone would see a footprint, you're probably screwed already. But I don't think your affiliate people are out looking at your site's link strategy.

    BUT...if your site gets reported for spam, that may bot be good for you. They may check that easily.
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