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getting weird verified links that show like my website ona domain name format with my suggested keyw

What is this? i selected articles wiki social media and a few others to post to i see some good guest posts but then some with like my domain name and suggested keywords, theres also whois information once in a while.....what is this one?


  • for example i just got a backlink on is that under? are those spammy or useful? im pretty sure probably spammy
  • SvenSven
    depends on your SEO strategy. Those are created with "Fast Indexer" engine enabled. And as the name suggest, it's useful to get links indexed faster. If you are not on that, you can disable that engine.
  • where do i go to turn off fast indexer
  • dear sir where do i turn that off...and i just got a link from do i turn that off? same catagory as the one above? they seem spammy
  • SvenSven
    edit project->left box with categories->Indexer
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