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Is there a way to make it so GSA just creates accounts and not posts?

I have a list of expired web 2.0 subdomains that I am planning to use with SEREngines and I want my GSA campaign to just create the accounts and not post anything, is there a way to set GSA up to do this?  I want to then be able to export the accounts and import them into my Tier 1 campaign and post from there.


  • SvenSven
    well you can set a real long delay on the first post in project options. But that would still create a post after the time is up.
  • Ok i am trying it this way but I think there might be a bug, I am trying to set the delay to 365 days inbetween 2 posts and before the first post but when I set it this way, GSA just hangs and does not post anything.  Whereas if I change the delay to 9999 minutes it runs just fine. 
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