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Memory consumption

edited February 2013 in Bugs

i am running GSA Search Engine Ranker with the scheduler 14 at the same time with change every 20 min.
The memory consumption is raising and raising, i tried to decrease the number of simultaneous sites but it did help.
Even if i am stooping all, the memory will not go down, i have to close GSA and start its again. Its the latest version


  • Same here, after ~12hours SER running, memory used is 1Gb and i have "out of memory" popup.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    So you guys are running 32 bit operating systems?

    On a 64 bit operating system, ser will go to 2gig of memory used

  • edited February 2013
    No its 64bit Win 7 with 4GB but i dont get the out of memory pop up. Its just using more and more RAM yesterday almost 3GB
  • I restarted GSA yesterday at around 21.00 (9pm) This morning i made some notes on the memory usage :

    22.02.2013 08:04 1.442.412 K
    22.02.2013 13:24 2.100.880 K
    22.02.2013 15:06 2.145.612 K
    22.02.2013 15:33 2.184.364 K

    As you can see its rising and rising ... 
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    Try it at 10 projects on a 30 minute rotation. You should get a longer run between resets
  • Ok i will try that. I will keep you posted 
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I run those setting on my vps all day long.

    Then reboot every 24hrs. Dont ask why I reboot, its part of my lucky streak routine with ser

    Bit like the lucky pulling shirt you wear on the piss which always brings luck


  • I run this also on an vm, but i am not a friend of daily reboots ;) 
    May personal pc isnt restarted in 2 weeks ;) 
  • I run several projects, max 200 threats. memory is alway below 500MB..
  • The memory is now again at 2GB, i run 10 projects at the same time.
  • At 2.4GB GSA stoped working with the "Low Memory" Pop Up.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    I restart ser every 24hrs to stop that from happening
  • I know ;) But this is not a solution 
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    It is when your running a 32 bit application on a 64 bit operating system

    Sven made changes to it to help those with 64 bit operating systems

    He pushed the memory limit up a lot

    For a long time, it used to be a 12hr restart if you were lucky.

  • No its not, i think this is a other problem. I have a lot of 32bit apps on my 64bis system non of them has this issue. Also bevor i run it on my 64bit VM i was running GSA on my 32bit system with the same issue.
  • I've never had an issue with memory in regards to needing to stop GSA or restart it, and i leave it running for days at a time.

    @shaboo Have you taken a look at the project files within the GSA folder? Maybe there's one there that is extremely large and out of the norm which is causing the problem. 
  • No they are all normal, on the VM GSA is just running for 2 weeks or so, so there is nothing big yet.
  • I get this issue all the time as well.   Cept when I come back and check on it just even after 12 hours  I'm at 3Gig usage.  My server can handle far more than that but the program cannot. ;/
  • Is it possible that a developer may reply to this issue?
  • SvenSven
    Right now I couldn't see any problem here really. All the time someone send me a project backup I let it run several hours without any issues or memory leaks. If someone thinks he has some project that is out of control send it to me and I see if it's a program issue....till now it was not.
  • Same problem here. I tought gsa ser should be able to run for days without restarting routines. Maybe sven could add something like memory cleanup on gsa ser
  • Apologize for replying to an old thread but seems like memory issue is always a hot topic.

    @Sven If I change my keyword field from a list of 100K keywords per project to %spinfile-% using the same keyword file for every project, will it load the file just once, hence saving memory?

    If I use %spinfolder-% to pick random spun article from a directory instead of loading 30 of them directly into the field, will it also save memory? (I'd imagine with spinfolder, files are requested when needed, not loaded by default into memory because they're in the project file?)
  • Hey @doubleup, what version of GSA SER are you using for days at a time?
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