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Facing issue in Scrapebox - Need Help

Hello Everyone,
I am using Scrapebox for checking index (URLs) on google, I set 50 threads but from last 1 month, there is showing only 1 thread work and Scrapebox taking very long time. Need help how i fix it.


Check Screen Print


  • SvenSven
    This is no Scrapebox support forum. However I would suspect that you might just have one active proxy?
  • I am using 20 semi-dedicated proxies (Buying from
  • From the screen shot it shows you have a delay of 5 seconds.  It use to delay 5 seconds per thread now they have changed it so if you have a delay set it only runs with 1 thread.  Their support told me it has always been that way but I know I use to run it with a 5 second delay and it was per thread.  What I do now is run with no delay but you have to lower the threads down.
  • Thanks, dab, Issue resolved.
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