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What kind of Auto Submission is this, What tools have been deployed in here

Recently I encountered an incident that leads me writing this article here on #BHW. I was on SERP looking for a keyword "Amazon prime support" and i got bunch of craps Ranking high on Google SERP ie fake amazone prime support Toll-Free Number with a bunch of keywords stuffed there and most of them were ranking high on spotify and hubspot community and when I tried to open the URL there was nothing and it said that post was removed for spamming.. i have just started building my knowledge and understanding of blackhat SEO & been here on BHW around for only a couple of months and i have been introduced to some tools( never tried any ie scrapebox, xrumor, scrapeboard, GSA SER etc. RECENTLY purchased Scrapebox & took support from the team.. nice team, excellent suuport it take 12-8 hours for them to respond.) Continuing where i left...after some dig around on google here and there I found out scrapebox has very limited forum cover and no matter what you do you will not get posting success rate more than 18% which i found happened to be one of the highest amongst a many different articles and posts i have gone through, Now my question

1) How these fake amazon prime support toll-free still ranking though they do not even exist and neither do they have any backlinks.. !!!!

2) If its google cache what tools and configurations might have been deployed in there...... as per my understanding link building is blackhat SEO itself. And the tools i have named above are very popular ones for such jobs, so is it Xrumer, or GSA SER or scrapebox. And what level of spamming is that !!!! Is anyone fimiliar here.

3) I mean how and why are they on Spotify and Hubspot, Facebook community and even on Amazon forum itself.

below is the screenshot i took that was ranking on top of serp


  • andrzejekandrzejek Polska
    edited December 2017
    I think you are looking from a wrong point of view and i guess we all often do once we know these terms like "seo, blackhat, linkbuilding, and other...".

    Stop binding yourself into these terms, thats a cage for all of us.

    Why they are so high in serps? Well, i guess we all can say the same:

    1) Google gives a lot of authority into old strong domains (such as
    2) Google is more spam-friendly for these.
    3) It's pure spam and will be deleted fast, take a look at time.
    (2 days ago, 8 hours ago).

    Its called parasite (

    Tools, are... tools, i guess many of us believed that tools will do all the magic for us.
    Yes they can, once you tell them what to do first...

    Tools are saving us time, tools are just 0101010101 doing thing someone told them to do (just as google algorithm). And they are buggy as hell, often wrong (just as google algorithm).

    If you need tool to automate javascript websites, take a look at ZennoPoster (highly recommended with aff link)

  • cyberkydcyberkyd United Stated
    So xrumer or the scrapebox is not the answer you mean ! So can you advice me exact technique used and tools pls.
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