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Any tips on a better link stick rate

Russ1982Russ1982 England
edited December 2017 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hi Guys, Girls and Guru's

I was wondering if anybody had any tips on getting your links to stick better. Basically i'm building my Tier 2's and 3's to ranker x made tier 1's. Producing around 1300-1400 tier 2 and 3 links but when run through backlink monitor i'm getting %30 coming back as linked.

best wishes  


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Hey man, I'd love to hear from others on this! :)

    My best suggestions: Don't use banned proxies, proxies ID on lists as "bot-nets", or emails on URLs (or sub-domains) that have been flagged. AVOID!!!!

    Periodically check search engines for the URL you're using, as well as check with GSA-SER's built-in function in the e-mail area, right side.

    But if it got that far, you screwed up!  But it happens, either way.  Just keep learning. This is about making an Internet presence, so do it with attention to detail.

    Don't create broken spintax!!!!  Flagged, for sure!

    Do write your own for T2 and T3, not the generic "comments" or "user" defaults.

    When auto-generating text, do so with extreme care.

    Scrape relevantly?

    Choose better targets/lists?

    Make sure you're choosing targets with links. Make sure your article settings will add your links!

    Anything else, anyone?
  • Russ1982Russ1982 England
    edited December 2017
    Hi deeee

    Cheers buddy for taking the time !

    Basically i'm using grindlist as my feed and around 10 dedicated proxies from buy and for content for the tier 2 and 3 seo content machine.

    i don't know if that's advisable to use that 

    Best wishes 
  • @Russ1982 imo the issue isn't T2/T3 for you. Using RX at T1 is a problem for ranking purposes. 2.0's are dropping quickly these days. I've posted my strategy on threads over 2017 about shifting from garbage tiers and building a PBN for T1. The point being that T1 needs more stability and PBN's provide that. In my experience, my PBN has stabilized things and paid off nicely. 
    However if it is a churn+burn site then it is simply a matter of increasing resources, i.e. 10 dedi proxies won't make a dent in heavy comp verticals. So you'll need more of everything blasting away. Sort of an arms race.
    G  is on to the games we got away with over the years. 
    Search for @shaun posts. They lay out basically the same concept of building the PBN layer. It's a bit of work, but I have found that it is less work than having to constantly backfill dropped links. 
    Good luck.
  • Hi viking 

    Cheers buddy !!!

    Yeah your totally right on the tier 1's I'm finding that they are dropping during the process of the tier 2's and 3's being built which isn't good. I'll take look shuans post though dude about the PBN's to make this a permanent fix 

    Happy new years and Thanks again man 

    Best Wishes 

  • shaunshaun

    Thats the thread I point people towards these days. Although my sites were hit again on the 12th I am still looking to go in that direction.
  • Hi Sahun 

    Cheers man !!

    I'm going to check this bad boy out now and putt into action 

    Thanks again and Happy New years 

    Best wishes
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