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How do I tell GSA to post to specific URLs

I have scraped 12000 links form scrapebox and I want GSA to post to those links. How do I tell GSA to post only to those URLs and no other URLs?


  • SvenSven
    right click on project->import target urls.
  • OK, I know that step and I have done that. But, I wanted to know how to post only to those URLs. I mean, I want GSA to post only target URLs I provide and not use any other engines.
  • Just make sure from Project Options that you don't have "Use URLs from global site lists" checked and No Search Engines checked then it will post to your imported urls only.
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  • Thanks a lot dab.
  • abelvi59abelvi59 Estados Unidos
    wen I do that  i have this 
    no form at all
     but  the gsa  still loking   for   other engines  to post 
     and  I  put no engines  and  no  global site lists
    is normal this ? thanks 
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